A special project gives every user a chance to find himself in an urban den of inquity, pick a girl or a guy (tastes differ) for a paid 'one time pleasure'. Before the erotic dance starts, the user must prove his solvency by activating the webcam and showing a banknote. Only after the virtual character sees money, will the story continue. 

However, few will like the way the story goes - a trivial plot, so it seems... evolves into a naked truth (both literally and metaphorically) - we see how our paid sex-partner is being beaten up and addicted to drugs.

Thus, unwillingly, due to the interest to what's going to happen on the screen, users get involved in a nightlife trap of some of the Eastern European capitals, where a 'pleasure fee' may ruin a person's life.

To draw attention of the international web-community to a problem of sex-tourism in Ukraine, and to show that, as mentioned by Femin activists, 'Ukraine is no brothel'.. The problem is especially relevant in the context of the upcoming UEFA EURO 2012. 

To create a project that would make users understand a truth they've never realized - paying for sex, they never notice the hidden side of the coin - human slavery - that by their actions they are sponsoring violence.

2000 average daily vewis from 75 countries with a 30% direct traffic (all this minding that the campaign was only promoted through word of mouth by users in social networks (through built in Facebook and Twitter links)) The project also generated a hot discussion in local and international media.